1. Used terms

1.1. Terms – these are E-library’s terms of use;

1.2. Company – Ltd. “VediCard”, reg. nr. 40103500535, legal address Kaleju Street 72B, Jurmala, LV-2008, actual address Skolas Street 21, Riga, LV-1010, e-mail: info@vedicard.eu;

1.3. E-library – a part of the Company’s website www.vedicard.eu, which contains Documents with their descriptions and prices;

1.4. User – E-libraries user, which has expressed the desire to purchase Document in accordance with Terms;

1.5. Document – document (research, summary, etc.), which is places in E-library, thus making it possible to purchase them.

2. General terms

2.1. These Terms establishe the legal relationship between the User and the Company when using the E-library.

2.2. The User has the right to purchase the Documents provided in the E-library for personal use, making payment in accordance with the procedure provided by the Terms.

3. Purchasing the Document

3.1. The price of the Document is shown in E-library, including tax, when using E-library. When pressing the button “Buy” in E-library and by following the steps mentioned hereafter, the User accepts the price of the Document.

3.2. The User may make payments for the purchase of Documents by one of the means of payment indicated on the E-library website. Purchase with a payment card can only be made with a card registered in the User’s name.

3.3. When making a Purchase of a Document, the User is obligated to provide genuine information about themselves.

3.4. After the payment for the purchase, the Company immediately sends the purchase invoice to the User’s e-mail address and gives the opportunity to download or read the Document. In the light of this, the cancellation of a transaction after payment and the exercise of the right of withdrawal are not possible.

4. Documents content and terms of use

4.1. Before the purchase the User has accesses to the annotation of the Document, but for several Documents – the table of content as well.

4.2. The Documents are designed for the personal use of the User and the copyrights are protected in accordance with the Regulatory acts of Republic of Latvia and are owned by the Company. The User does not have the right to publish the Document or any part of it in any way, or to transfer it to another person, or to modify the contents of the Document.

4.3. These Documents are protected with technological means, that is, they can only be read using Adobe® Digital Editions software and User does not have the authorization to circumvent these means. Adobe® Digital Editions software, is a free product created by a third party and the Company is not responsible for it’s functioning. The software can be downloaded here. Tutorial for the use of software can be found here.

4.4. The Documents contain the general professional opinion of the Company, but the Company is not responsible for its suitability for a particular situation or for the needs of the User, as well as conclusions that the User may make based on the Documents. For this purpose, individual consultation of the Company that is not covered by the Terms may be required.

4.5. The Company is not liable for the veracity of the information contained in the Documents if it is derived from other primary sources (databases, etc.) and if the Document contains a reference to the use of such source.

4.6. The user independently provides the necessary resources for the use of the E-library and the Documents, including computer, internet connection and software.

5. Additional terms

5.1. The User agrees that the Company may process the User’s personal data in order to fulfil its obligations under the Terms and to make a marking on the Documents that is to be provided to the User. The User agrees that the Company is entitled to transfer personal data to third parties if this is necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from the Terms.

5.2. The legal acts of the Republic of Latvia shall apply to legal relations arising from the Terms.

5.3. If the User does not receive the purchased Document, or in case of other complications or claims, the User may contact the Company using the following e-mail address info@vedicard.eu.

5.4. All disputes in the context of these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by negotiation, but if this is not possible, in the court of the Republic of Latvia. If the User is a consumer, the User may approach the Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission.