Technical standards and usage

VediCard has worked in development of business requirements, development of technical requirements, coordination of setting for card system parameters on behalf of banking and fintech companies, as well as development of User Acceptance Tests (UAT) documentation, analysis and usage evaluation.

Vendor management, requests for proposal

We believe business cannot be started without good partners, software vendors and a full understanding of the Clients’ needs. VediCard has completed requests for proposal (RFP) processes efficiently and within acceptable timelines for many local and global vendors.

E-commerce, M-commerce and merchant acquiring

We have experience both in e-commerce and m-commerce as well as merchant acquiring. Throughout the years we have executed and implemented projects on behalf of clients in order to allow merchants to smoothly and beneficially accept card payments from major card issuing companies

Business calculations, forecasts, analytics

VediCard has a profound understanding when it comes to business calculations. Over the years we have successfully implemented various local and global payment market analyses, business analyses for merchant acquiring, and have conducted market and business case studies in order to provide high-quality services for our Clients. We know how to make effective product portfolio analyses, feasibility studies, road mapping, development of effective Business plan calculations and also strategic positioning and reviews.

Strategy review and development

Our company has been engaged in many evaluations and developments of banking and payment industry players’ strategies. We have helped to identify significant risks, provide effective solutions and recommendations, and redefine existing bank and start-up strategies.

Card products and card issuance

VediCard has provided assignments to various payment industry players, including prepaid, debit, credit, charge card and revolving credit issuers in the Baltic States and worldwide. Our experience in this field ranges from strategic analyses to preparations for system implementations and testing.

Documentation development

Documentation development is one of our major expertises. We have completed countless certification projects on behalf of our payments and banking clients, have conducted licencing and registration processes and confirmation with local and global authorities, as well as been involved in risk management audits, development of PCI, AML/KYC documentation, procedures for regular processes and bookkeeping.

Payment instruments

We understand fully that payment instruments are an essential part of the payment business. We have participated in in-depth analyses and development of implementation for internet and mobile payments, as well as internal banking payment systems. VediCard has also participated in development of bonus and loyalty schemes for vendors and financial institutions.

Settlement process and implementation planning

VediCard has developed effective and high quality settlement processes in order to implement smooth daily authorizations between merchants and acquiring payment providers.

IT system integration, migration and testing process

Our team has managed complex projects in order to supply smooth migration of card system installations and IT system integrations. We know that development and integration of IT systems are some of the most advanced and difficult operations that require not only deep knowledge but also punctuality, so over the time we have developed high-quality testing process standards.

Payment card processing

Over the past 5 years we have performed a series of projects for merchants to ensure transactions from credit and debit cards for merchant acquiring banks. Our experience covers all aspects of payment card processing – starting from definition of technical standards, continuing with technical development, concluding with testing and implementation.

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